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Meet our founder ANDREW

Andrew is both an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Exercise Scientist who has experience with tailored exercise programming for over 6 years. He then took his clinical experience to his own private practice in 2017 and began Advanced Exercise Physiology now located in Merrylands. To attain his professional accreditation, Andrew studied at university for five years and achieved his undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise Science followed by his Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Andrew thoroughly enjoys working with his clients and strives to reach their most important goals. He has a passion for working with children and adults who live with disabilities and those who suffer from chronic injuries.  He is adamant on supporting and educating anyone who is determined to make a change in their lives and is accredited to work with Medicare, an array of Private Health FundsWorkCover and Compulsory Third-Party insurance (CTP)National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Allied Health field. I find that a compassionate and progressive approach to exercise is beneficial to those who need it and for so many reasons. I work with all individuals including those who live with disabilities, chronic health conditions and pain, to clients who want to improve performance through personal training. You are my primary focus” – Andrew Boustani.

About Advanced Exercise Physiology

Advanced Exercise Physiology is a leading provider of allied health services in the Merrylands area. We specialise in developing tailored exercise programs to combat the impact of disabilities, injuries, chronic conditions and mental health issues that affect so many Australian communities. We strive to encourage a goal focused and can do mindset with all our clients so that enjoyment is part of their journey.

Our core values are built on strong foundations of Compassion, Excellence and Integrity – with this in mind; empathy, well-being, and successful treatment is our primary focus.